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Without Massey Coldbeck's fast response the school would have closed and 300 pupils sent home.

Job: Heating Pump Failure

- Head Teacher - Primary School

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Massey Coldbeck Electric Pumping Solutions and Repairs

Massey Coldbeck are specialists in pumping solutions from complete pumping station installations to booster pump and submersible pump repairs.

Massey Coldbeck have been involved in the supply and installation of pumping equipment and pump repair in a variety of industries including water and waste treatment, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and domestic applications.


Pump Repair - Onsite or in fully equipped workshops

Pump Servicing - Site visit by our engineers to investigate potential pumping problems before a breakdown occurs.

Pump Spares - A comprehensive range of pump spares from mechnical seals, seal kits, float switches to complete submersible pumps kept on stock.

Pump Maintenance - Maintenance programs to suit your pumping needs, regular servicing can prolong the life of your submerbible pump, booster pump and pumping station.

Pump Installation - Whether you are upgrading and existing pumping station or replacing an obsoleete unrepairable pump Massey Coldbeck can replace, modify or install the correct pipework and pump.

Pump Systems - Experts in various pumping applications for a variety of industries including water and waste treatment, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, leisure and domestic.


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